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Chestnuts Roasting on An Open Fire Pit

Chestnuts Roasting on An Open Fire Pit

You've probably heard ever-so-popular holiday song at one point or another. "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose..." the lyrics might be familiar to you or not, however, there's a simple go-to recipe we've been using over our fire pits. From our family to yours, enjoy making a recipe so famous even a song exists about it delicious flavor.

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Fire Pit Recipe: Roasted Chestnuts

Here's the recipe broken down in to easy steps to prepare, roast, and serve tasty chestnut from an open fire pit.


The first thing you must do is gather all the items you'll need for this particular meal. The following items are necessary to preparing this holiday favorite the best way, including:

  • First, you need to gather your delicious chestnuts.
  • Next, you need to get a pan or skillet to cook them over the fire pit. (Tip: Consider an official chestnut roasting pan for an even easier process.)
  • If no roasting pan is available, you'll need a long handled pan with holes on the bottom for fire pit access.
  • Peeling knife (Preferably sharp for easy peeling and scoring.)
  • A fire pit insert set (Walden Backyards offers a selection of top-quality fire pits.)
  • Of course, you'll need friends and/or family over to enjoy the finished product.


After you gather all your items, you need to prepare your chestnuts so that you can roast them. Follow these steps for the best outcome:

  • Scoring the chestnuts is essential as the first step.
  • Cold water rinse away dirt, dust, or debris on the chestnuts and make them nice and clean.
  • Next, carefully take your sharp knife to cut slits along the round side of each chestnut in the shape of an 'X'.
  • Then, continue to carve an 'X' on each chestnut.
  • Peel the chestnuts and select the best ones to roast.

Methods for Roasting Chestnuts on An Open Fire Pit

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You have two options when roasting chestnuts over your open fire. You can use a direct process or an indirect process. You choose which one works best for you.

Direct Method

  • Hold the pan full of chestnuts roughly two feet above the open fire pit.
  • Remember to shake the chestnut frequently above the flames.
  • Monitor the chestnuts as they began to change into a darker color.
  • Once the chestnuts begin to open, they're ready to cool down.
  • Wait 10-12 minutes for them to cool
  • Ready to eat!

Indirect Method

On the other hand, you can roast chestnuts over hot coals instead of the direct flame. It has been known to be the most flavorful method, and perhaps more safe.

  • Once the coals are hot embers in your fire pit, it's time to roast.
  • Next, you'll score each chestnut like the direct method.
  • Although roasting takes approximately 20 to 25 minutes, it might be worth the extra flavor.
  • Remove the chestnuts, place them in a bag for cooling.
  • Let them cool down for at least 10 minutes.

Now you know the two methods of roasting chestnuts if you have a fire pit. You can use either one, and your chestnuts will come out tasty. Check out other delicious fire pit recipes available on our website like our famous Holiday Ham dinner. Consider listening to the Bing Crosby classic with your loved ones this holiday season while partaking in an old-time tradition - Make it a memorable night around the fire pit!


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