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Fire Pit Cooking Recipe: Cajun Grilled Ribeye

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Many would argue that the king of grilled meats is the mighty steak. With so many different seasonings (or just salt and pepper with a great cut), there are so many reasons that a good steak is a go-to classic for grilling. You can't beat the warmth of the fire and the outdoor fire pit cooking experience during the fall season.

Recently, our friend Cubbie Hawk in Iowa shared another killer recipe cooked over his Legacy Series Complete Fire Pit Insert. 

Fire Pit Cooking Recipe: Cajun Grilled Ribeye

Step 1: The Steak

Season your steak with your favorite steak seasoning on one side and Cajun seasoning on the other. He used Revolution BBQ Texas Beef for one side and Slap Ya Mama spice for the Cajun kick of flavor.


Fire Pits - Fire Pit Cooking - Seasoned Steak

Step 2: The Compound Butter

If you're into GIY (grill it yourself),  mix your own spices for the compound butter using paprika, garlic powder, salt, white pepper, onion powder, and cayenne. Then, mix well into a softened butter.

Alternatively, Cubbie Hawk mixes Parrain's Cajun Butter Seasoning with beer (substitute water if you choose), and then whips it in the softened butter. 

Step 3: Fire Pit Cooking the Steak

Prepare the Legacy Fire Pit by either using a good lump charcoal or a natural wood. Cubbie Hawk added oak logs to charcoal for some more natural wood flavor and put his new Universal Ember Catcher to use, creating two zones of heat - one direct and one indirect. 

Once the coals are ready, add the seasoned steaks to your BBQ Fire Pit Grate, flipping once after a few minutes. Once flipped, add about a teaspoon of the compound butter to the top of the steak. After a few more minutes, flip again. If the sear is set, you can offset the steak to an indirect heat. Add a tablespoon of the compound butter and continue cooking until the steak reaches an internal temp of about 128, or to your preferred doneness. 

Fire Pits - Fire Pit Cooking - Cajun Ribeye Steak over Embers
Finally, let it rest while the butter finishes melting. Slice, serve, and enjoy!

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