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When (and When Not) to Use a Fire Pit Ember Catcher

Fire Pits - Ember Catcher - Blazing Fire

Our latest fireside tool, the Universal Fire Pit Ember Catcher, helps you to have ultimate control over your bonfire. When to use your ember catcher affects the the type of fire that will result. Read on to learn how to most effectively control your fire.

When to Use your Fire Pit Ember Catcher

A Warm and Glowing Fire

If you want to build up a warm fire, be sure to lay your Fire Pit Ember Catcher in the middle of your fire pit grate. Placing the ember catcher directly underneath your burning wood will ensure that every piece of fuel is being used. The small pieces of ash that fall from larger logs are held above the grate and continue to burn for longer. Not only will your fire burn hotter and longer, but the small burning pieces will result in a glowing fire perfect for any gathering.

Fire Pit Cooking

Fire Pit cooking requires a low, steady fire rather than high-burning flames. Using an ember catcher off-centered in the grate will help provide the heat source needed for all your favorite grilled foods. Just be sure to start your fire at least 15 minutes prior to starting your cook.

Fire Pits - Ember Catcher - Japanese Beef Kushiyaki

When to Remove your Fire Pit Ember Catcher

Roaring Fire

Looking to impress with tall flames and a large fire? Remove your ember catcher for this kind of fire to allow for more airflow from underneath your fire pit grate. The extra oxygen will help your fire to rise and crackle, but you will have to load more firewood to extend how long the fire burns.

Fire Pits - Ember Catcher - Roaring Fire

Burning Brush

First and foremost, always check local ordinances prior to burning any brush or natural debris in your fire pit. When disposing of brush in a fire pit, you will want to remove the ember catcher from your pit. Because the ember catcher extends the time a fire burns, it isn't helpful when trying to burn brush quickly. 

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