Gas vs. Wood Firepits

Outdoor Firepits - Walden Backyards - Wood vs Gas Firepits

You don't have to confine the time you spend outdoors to the summer season. All you have to do is add a firepit to your yard and you'll be warm outside all winter long. The only question is whether you want a wood or gas firepit.

Outdoor Firepits - Walden Backyards - Gas vs Wood

Gas vs. Wood Firepits

There are advantages to both choices, so let's look at the reasons why you should choose one or the other.


When you have a wood firepit, you'll be able to keep warmer on those cold winter nights. You'll find that you get more heat from a wood firepit than you would from one that uses gas. It's also better for the environment since wood is a renewable resource. In addition to that, the heat given off from a wood firepit will create a relaxing experience where you hear the wood crackling and smell the scent it gives off. 

Aside from these benefits, using a wood firepit has many more advantages such as:

  • It's safer than using its gas-based counterpart
  • They're less likely to explode than a firepit, so if safety is a big concern for you, wood is the way to go
  • A wood firepit produces ashes, which are a benefit for lawns
  • Ashes from wood can be used to create natural compost

Unlike gas firepits, wood is good for more than just keeping you warm. The food you can cook over a wood fire pit is a big selling point for many people who have one. There are countless types of wood for various smoky flavor. While you can cook with gas, you won't get the same smoky flavor you'd get cooking your food over a wood firepit


One benefit of using a gas firepit over a wood one is that it burns cleaner than wood does. Generally speaking, if you want an efficient firepit, gas is a better choice than wood. It also requires less frequent cleaners because of how much cleaner it burns. The following are additional benefits of gas firepits:

  • They light up much quicker than wood
  • You can put out a gas firepit instantly
  • Some gas firepits even come with remote controls, so turning them on or off is as easy as pressing a button

The Winner is...

It's unfortunately more complicated than naming a winner since it really depends on your personality. If you enjoy the memorable process of building a fire with hand-picked wood, and the smoky flavor grilled into your steak, than wood firepits are a winner.

On the other hand, if you have a busy lifestyle and want the process to speed up a bit, than gas is the way to go.

If you're like most and enjoy the lasting moments by the cozy wood-burning firepit than it's worth investing into a Walden Backyard's Legacy Series Complete Firepit Insert Set for your family.

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