Can I Put a Fire Pit on My Wood Deck?

Can I Put a Fire Pit on My Wood Deck?

Having a wooden deck provides even more area to spend time outdoors, especially if you enjoy grilling or relaxing whenever you are outside. If you are thinking of investing in a firepit and want to place the pit on your wooden deck, read on to learn whether a wooden deck is an ideal location for any type of fire pit. 


Can I Put a Firepit on My Wood Deck? 

Of course, it is possible to place a firepit on just about any surface, including a wooden deck. Wood decks are not always the best location for a firepit, but there are some exceptions.

Potential Issues With Putting a Firepit on a Wood Deck?

You may encounter various issues if you place a firepit on a wood deck, particularly if you use a traditional wood-burning firepit. With a traditional wood-burning firepit, you run the risk of producing excessive smoke, soot, and even potentially toxic fumes. 

Because wood-burning firepits are typically considered uncontrolled, they are much more hazardous when placed on a wooden deck, allowing the fire to quickly spread due to uncontrollable embers and sparks. 

However, if you are using a gas firepit, it is possible to do so even when placing the firepit on your wooden deck, as most gas firepits are considered controllable. A gas firepit burns at a lower temperature and is not likely to produce embers that a traditional wood-burning firepit gives off.

Are There Legal Restrictions or Laws Regarding Placing a Fire Pit on a Wooden Deck? 

There may be legal restrictions or regulations for using an outdoor firepit in your yard, on your deck, or anywhere on your property, depending on where you reside. In some instances, you may have restrictions regarding the type of firepit you are allowed to use, and in others, you may be limited by the type of deck you can place your firepit on. 

Always verify that the zone you intend to place a firepit in permits the use of the type of firepot you own, whether you are using a wood-burning firepit, a gas-burning firepit, or a Walden Legacy firepit design. 

Consider the Type of Deck You Have

Whenever you are thinking of investing in a brand new Legacy firepit or if you are thinking of relocating an existing firepit you own, consider the type of deck you currently have and the wood that was used to construct it. 

  • Wooden deck: A wooden deck is ideal for showing off, relaxing on, or even connecting various exterior areas of your property.
  • Vinyl decks: An alternative to traditional wooden decks includes vinyl decks, including entire surfaces made from PVC plastic. Vinyl or any type of plastic should never be used as a surface for a firepit, even if the firepit is a gas-burning firepit.
  • Composite deck: A composite deck can include a range of materials, including everything from wood particles to synthetic polymer, depending on the builder and the homeowner's preferences. A composite deck is also not ideal for burning, even if you are using a container or a gas-burning firepit.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Placing a Firepit

When deciding on a location for any type of firepot you own, keep the following tips in mind:

  • All fire pits should be at least 5 feet from additional furniture, structures, fences, or even decks.
  • Keep all fire pits at least 3 feet away from additional combustible materials.
  • Avoid placing a fire pit near a power line, poles, or electric wiring.
  • Avoid placing a fire pit near trees that can generate embers and flames near trees and bushes on your property. 
  • Do not place a fire pit in a flammable and/or dry area that can easily catch fire. 
  • You may need a permit to use a firepit in your backyard, especially if you intend to build or install a complete firepit. 

Although placing a traditional wood burning firepit on your deck is not always recommended, it is possible if your firepit is contained or specifically designed to work well on wood decks. Check the instructions and manufacturer's manual to determine the best placement of your preferred firepit before settling on its final location.  

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