How do you keep firepits from Sparking?

How do you keep firepits from Sparking?

Owning a firepit is a great way to keep warm while also doubling as a cooking source. No matter how you use your firepit: for heat, for relaxing around it, or for campfire cooking, minimizing sparks is necessary to get the most out of it.


How Do You Keep Firepits From Sparking? 

When using your firepit, you should always take safety precautions and use the correct materials to start your fire. Depending on the type of firepit you own, there are a few ways you can help minimize the sparking your fire pit creates, such as:

  • Use only suitable materials and fuel. Keep your fire from sparking by not using extremely flammable or combustible materials that may contain toxic chemicals or additives.
  • Use a heatproof pad or mat beneath your firepit designed for fire protection and outdoor usage. Do not use traditional mats or floor coverings that are not designed for fire, as these are much more likely to burn if a spark reaches the surface. 
  • Use a screen protector or an ember catcher with your fire pit to minimize the risk of having sparks fly through your yard or property. A screen protector or firepit grate with ember catcher can also help you better isolate your fire while maintaining it for hours. 

What Causes a Firepit to Spark?

Flying sparks are natural and may appear whenever materials such as wood or plastic begin to burn, triggering various forces of kinetic energy to occur. As different materials interact with heat, gasses, and even various fuel sources, sparks are generated and typically fly upward.


Why Are Sparks Dangerous When Burning in a Firepit?

Allowing sparks from your campfire to fly freely around your yard and property can pose a significant danger, especially if your property is surrounded by dry grass, trees, or other bushes. Sparks from a firepit can easily land on items such as a piece of clothing, fabric, or even dry greenery, which can quickly catch on fire.

Minimizing the risk of your firepit spreading embers and sparks is the best way to reduce your fire risk throughout the rest of your property. 

Using a Firepit Grate With an Ember Catcher

One of the best ways to keep fire pits from sparking is to use a firepit grate with an ember catcher. Even if you are using a Walden Legacy firepit, you can attach an ember catcher to prevent sparks from flying and spreading across your lawn or other areas of your property. 

Tips to Keep in Mind to Minimize Sparks When Choosing a Firepit

When you are in the market for a firepit, but you do not want the risk of sparks and embers flying around at all times, there are a few tips to keep in mind, such as:

  • Material type: While choosing a firepit, consider the material it is made of and which is best for your property. A firepit such as the Legacy firepit provides maximum protection while also helping to keep embers and sparks in with an ember catcher attachment available. 
  • Fuel: What type of fire pit is best for you? The most common types of firepits available on the market today include both wood-burning firepits and gas-burning and propane firepits. Wood-burning firepits are natural, and they emit ash and smoke along with sparks and embers from time to time. While gas and propane-burning fire pits minimize the smoke and ash associated with wood-burning firepits, they release greenhouse gasses alongside carbon dioxide, which may pose its own assortment of environmental issues. 
  • Surrounding environment: Wherever you place your firepit, ensure the surrounding area is safe and as fireproof as possible. Ensure your fire pit is away from trees, surrounding shrubs, and dry grass. Keep furniture and potentially hazardous materials away from your firepit.
  • Use a cover: Using a firepit grate with an ember catcher or a fire pit sparking screen is one of the best ways to minimize sparking while reducing the risk of spreading fire. 




Preventing your firepit from sparking is not always as simple as reducing the flame of your fire, especially if your fire pit does not have a proper cover or ember catcher. With the right amount of preparation and tools, such as an ember catcher, you can easily reduce the risk of your firepit sparking. 

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