Five Favorite Backyard Fall Activities

Five Favorite Backyard Fall Activities

With its cooler nights and crunchy leaves, fall is the perfect season for spending quality and cozy time outside. Whether you are enjoying a relaxing evening by the fire or planning a meal with fall's bounty, the season has you covered. Here are five of our favorite fall activities to enjoy right in your own backyard.

Fire Pit Time

Embrace the autumn chill by gathering around a crackling fire pit. The warmth and glow of the flames provide the perfect setting for storytelling, laughter, and marshmallow roasting. As the sun sets earlier, fire pit time becomes a magical way to extend your outdoor evenings.



Fall gardening offers a chance to rejuvenate your outdoor space. There’s no better time for planting seedlings and some bulbs – and planting seasonal blooms, such as pansies and mums, infuses vibrant colors into your garden. Additionally, tending to your garden beds and preparing the soil for winter ensures a beautiful and fruitful garden next spring.

Planting fall bulbs has never been so easy. After preparing your soil for bulbs, simply step, rotate, lift, and release. Dig a consistent and easy hole, every time.

Cozy Outdoor Dining

Create an inviting outdoor dining area with warm blankets, soft cushions, and soft lighting. Fall's crisp air pairs perfectly with hearty meals like roasted vegetables, pumpkin soup, and apple pie. Enjoying these dishes amidst the backdrop of your garden's autumnal beauty is a true delight.

Leaf Pile Fun

Raking leaves may seem like a chore, but it can be transformed into a playful activity. Gather leaves into giant piles and let the kids (and kids at heart) jump in. It's a simple joy that captures the essence of fall and creates lasting memories. 

Throwing Leaves in Fall


With longer nights and clearer skies, fall is an ideal time for stargazing. Lay out a blanket, snuggle up, and gaze at the constellations overhead. Consider investing in a telescope or binoculars to explore the wonders of the night sky, from meteor showers to distant galaxies.

These five backyard fall activities offer a diverse range of experiences, from the warmth of the fire pit and the beauty of your garden to the simple pleasures of leaf pile fun and the awe-inspiring world of the night sky. Embrace the season's unique charms and create cherished moments with family and friends in your own outdoor haven, all season long.

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