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A lot of people have been asking us “can you barbecue on a fire pit?” The answer is not only yes, but that the wood-fired flavor of open-flame BBQ cooking is far superior to anything you could hope to achieve over a traditional gas grill. However, before you throw your first Flintstone-sized steak on your new backyard BBQ fire pit grilling grate, we recommend that you season it grate prior to its first use. Seasoning your grate is easy, and has two main benefits: 1) Easier cleaning – Food residue removal will be quicker on future cooks, and 2) Longer lifespan – Seasoning your grill regularly increases cooking performance and your grill’s overall lifespan.
The good news is that seasoning your new Walden BBQ Grill Grate is extremely easy, just follow these 5 simple steps:
  1. Before you start your fire, and while the grate is cold, coat both sides of the crosshatched part of the grate with high heat cooking oil. Canola or peanut oil work best. We prefer using a spray bottle to quicken the process.
  2. Wipe off excess oil with a paper towel. A thin layer of oil should remain.
  3. Light your fire, and place your Walden BBQ Grill Grate over the flame, until the oil burns off or the grate begins to smoke.
  4. The shiny finish should turn dark brown or bronze. The darker and more seasoned your grate becomes, the hotter and more evenly your food will cook. Over time, well-seasoned grates collect fats and oils that will give your BBQ an amazing flavor profile.
  5. You are now ready to begin cooking. After each use, apply a light coat of oil for continued cooking performance.
There you have it… now get ready for some seriously awesome eats!

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Tony Sanders
Tony Sanders

November 02, 2021

It is Always Best to season or cure grates – Grills – and cast Iron.
Time and taste will make a believer out of each of you , Amen. <3 😉

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