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How Do You Reheat Food Over a Campfire

How Do You Reheat Food Over a Campfire

Cooking may be one of your most difficult tasks when camping. If you find cooking a challenge when cooking at home, you may not be excited to cook over a fire pit or campfire. There are several ways to reheat food over a campfire. Whether you have leftover food from a meal you have made or preparing food ahead of time and reheating it when it is time to eat, here are some sure-fire ways to reheat your food. 



What are the Best Ways to Reheat Food Over a Campfire? 

Fire Grate

Walden BBQ grate is ideal for reheating your food anytime you camp. You can put any type of pan or pot on the grate while the fire burns underneath it - and our sturdy grate holds up to 200 lbs, meaning any heavy-duty cookware stays above the flame. A cast iron pot is the best type of cookware to use with a fire grate. Fire grates get hot and can leave marks and ruin your everyday cookware. The best way to use a fire grate is to start the fire with the grate over the top of it if you can. This makes the grill much easier to clean. A delicious food to cook or reheat over a fire grate is steak. This classic meal just tastes better cooked over a live fire.

Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil is a versatile way for campers to cook their food. First, you can place aluminum foil directly in the fire or on top of a firepit. Then, you simply wrap your food in aluminum and toss it right on top of the fire. Foods that are great for reheating with aluminum foil are peppers, corn, beef, pork, potatoes, and chicken. 


A pothook is one of the most classic and common ways to reheat food over a campfire. A pothook allows you to hang a pot from a hook, so it is over the fire. The closer you get the pot to the fire, the faster you can reheat your food. If you want your food to reheat more slowly, you can raise it higher away from the fire. While you can build your own pothook setup, making it strong enough to support your food can be challenging. You may want to consider buying one instead. Pothooks are a great way to boil water when you are camping. 

Use a Stick

There are so many foods that you can reheat or cook on a stick over a fire. I am sure the first foods that immediately pop into your head are hot dogs and marshmallows. While they are great over a fire, you do not have to stop there. Corn on the cob, fried potatoes, pineapple, and shish kabobs are great cooked on a stick. You can cook any food that will not fall apart on a stick over a fire. It is not the best idea to hunt around your campsite for an actual stick. Instead, you can purchase steel camping sticks to cook your food. If you do not want to buy them, you can unbend a metal hanger and use that as your stick. 

There is no limit to the food you can cook over your campfire. Some foods cook better in a pot or on a BBQ grate. It is important that you use the best cooking method for the food you want to reheat so it does not fall apart in your fire. 


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