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How to Maintain Fire Pits During Winter

How to Maintain Fire Pits During Winter

Winter doesn't have to mean putting a pause on enjoying your fire pit. Even though it's getting colder out, you can still keep the fire going. All you need are a few clever tips on winterizing your fire pit. 

Here are a few tips from the fire pit pros about keeping your fire pit maintained during winter.

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Maintain Your Fire Pit During Winter

Maintaining your fire pit in cold weather is all about staying prepared for the quirks of winter weather while making sure that your fire pit can still be used when you want to stay warm, but hang out outside with your friends. 

  • Cover Your Fire Pit 
  • Get a Fire Pit Insert Set
  • Remove Snow from Around Your Fire Pit
  • Keep Your Firewood Covered and Dry

Cover Your Fire Pit

A fire pit cover is a cloth or tarp cover that you can throw over your fire pit to protect it from the elements. Winter not only has a lot of snow and ice, but you also need to protect your fire pit from salt and deicer which can corrode metal grates.

A fire pit cover also makes snow removal a breeze. All you need to do is lift up the cover and toss the snow off to the side rather than spending hours brushing all the snow off.

Clear Snow Around Your Fire Pit

First up, you want to make sure that you clear the snow around your fire pit if you plan on using it during the winter. It's easier to remove snow periodically as it falls then try and wrestle with inches of snow before your guests come over.

Clearing the snow away from your fire pit mix for a safer and more relaxing fire pit experience. This additional moisture caused by snow and ice can destabilize the ground that your fire pit rests on. The weight of the ice and snow can also damage the stonework of your fire pit.

Add your fire pit into your regular shoveling routine and you'll be ready for the worst of the winter can throw at you. 

Keep Fire Pit Wood Dry

If you plan on regularly using your fire pit during the winter, all of the tips we've already talked about going to the help. However, there's one thing that you need to do to make sure that your fire pit is always ready to go.

You want to keep your wood dry. Consider getting fire starters to definitely help during the winter, but snow and ice bring a lot of moisture to your firewood. cover your firewood with a tarp or keep it in a shed during the winter to help reduce moisture and make sure that you can have a bonfire whenever you want. 

How to Use Your Fire Pit During Winter

You don't have to wait until spring to use your fire pit again. Fire pits are great, and maybe even better, during the winter.

  • Ideal for warming up on chilly winter days
  • Get more value out of your yard 
  • Outdoor winter gathers for friends, family, or romantic occasions 
  • Take some pressure off your indoor heating
  • Get a cozy fire pit blanket such as the Fireside Wool Blanket

Winterize Your Fire Pit

Remember the three basics of winterizing your fire pit: keep your fire pit covered when not in use, buy a fire pit insert set for easier and safer winter operation, and clear away snow and ice. You can also read up on how to prepare your fire pit for when you are getting ready to install it.

At Walden Backyards, we believe in spending time around the fire pit no matter what season. Don't let snow get in the way of creating memories with your loved ones. Shop our top-rated fire pits today and start enjoying the outdoors in in chilly weather!

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