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Walden Original Fire Pit Grate


The Original Walden Backyards Fire Pit Grate - for the True Backyard Enthusiast

The Walden Backyards Original Fire Grate fits in standard fire pits for a better bonfire experience. This round, heavy-duty steel fire grate can be inserted into your fire pit, or used directly on the ground letting air feed the fire from underneath for bigger bonfires and campfires. 

Walden Original Fire Pit Grate BENEFITS:

  • Air Flow - Elevated surface allows for greater air flow, providing you with bigger, and hotter, fires
  • Heavy Duty -  41 lbs, and 1/2 Inch steel is built to withstand extreme temperatures.
  • 28" and 29.5" diameters works great in any fire pit 30" and larger.
  • Powder Coating - High-temperature powder coating ensures that the steel holds up against high temperatures and prevents rust to keep your grate looking spectacular
  • High Quality- Make this the last fire grate you’ll ever buy.  With stringent focus on quality, our fire grate is built to last as long as you do

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