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Why Does My Firewood Burn So Fast?

Why Does My Firewood Burn So Fast?

The evenings are getting cooler, and more people are sitting outside to enjoy the warm glow and feel of a campfire. Although you may want that moment to last forever, we all will have to head home and get back into the routine of life eventually. But, what if you could bring the campfire coziness straight to your home? Of course you can - by installing a backyard outdoor fire pit. You can have an in-ground firepit or an above-ground campfire, and both will allow for the peace and serenity of a campfire just steps outside your home.

When you first set up the firepit area, you will need an area to store the firewood. Perfectly cut and seasoned logs are essential to having a fire that burns hot into the evening. But there are times when the wood will seem to burn faster than expected.


Why are Logs Are Burning Fast in My Campfire?

There are many reasons why your logs might burn too fast. Here are some of the most common reasons why and, more importantly, what you can do about it.

Too Much Air Can Make Logs Burn Fast in a Bonfire

Air is essential for a campfire. However, too much air can make the logs burn faster than intended. This can lead to your fire-pit time being cut short because you have run out of wood. To help keep this from happening, you will want to place the fire pit in an area free from wind. If your firepit is above-ground, you will want some protection from the wind with a fire ring.


The Type of Logs Make the Difference in Your Firepit

The type of wood you use can make all the difference to how long it takes the wood to burn out. Softwoods like pine, cedar, and spruce burn quicker than hardwoods. If you are looking for a log that burns slowly, you will want to use hardwood options, such as oak, maple, or hickory logs. Be sure to stage both kinds of wood near your pit so you can control how long the fire burns.

Thickness Matters in Your Firewood for a Campfire

You will find that the size of the log matters when it comes to burning time, and thick logs will burn longer and hotter than logs that are thin and small in size. Keep various sizes around for kindling and fuel to determine how long the fire burns. 


Moisture Matters For Burning in a Firepit

Wood always has a set percentage of moisture that it traps on the inside of its fibers. Wood full of moisture will have trouble burning, but logs that are too dry will ignite and burn out quickly. To combat this issue, it is best to store your wood in an area where it will not be rained on but can still be affected by the humidity. Properly seasoning your firewood will help create the best campfire experience.

Keep your fire burning long with the right firewood and set-up. Your guests are sure to enjoy the time spent fireside as it continues late into the evening.

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