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How Do You Bake Over a Campfire?

How Do You Bake Over a Campfire?

There’s nothing like delicious homemade baked goods over a campfire. You can probably picture it right now. Imagine sitting outside under the stars, surrounded by your loved ones, and biting into a tasty square piece of baked apple cake fresh out of the fire. Is baking over a campfire something that you’ve tackled before? Baking is different from regular cooking over a campfire and requires the right cookware to complete the process. If you are interested in baking over your campfire at home, having our Walden Legacy Series Complete Fire PIt Insert Set will help. Not only is this a safer way to make a bonfire at home in your own backyard, but the foldable steel grate and snuffer lid will make baking a breeze. So get ready to enjoy some campfire brownies, rustic cornbread, or breakfast blueberry muffins in the open air of your gorgeous backyard. There’s truly something magical about food cooked outside over a real fire, and learning how to bake some yummy treats will please your entire family’s taste buds. 

The First Steps to Baking Over a Campfire

Of course, one of the first things you want to do is get your fire started in your fire pit. It’s never been easier with our Walden Sure-Fire Staters. They are guaranteed to light quickly, have zero smell so they won’t infuse anything you are baking with an artificial smell or flavor, and are made of all-natural, waterproof materials. You’ll want to make sure that you have some camping cookware that can withstand the heat of the fire. This is a vital part of the process that can't be overlooked. Cast-iron is great for this, as well as camping bakeware made of heavier gauge metals. 

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Any cookware you use will be safe and sturdy for even baking with your item right on the fire pit grate. Mix up your favorite baking recipe, then just put it on the grate over the fire. The goal while you are baking is to make sure that the heat of the fire is evenly consistent. Add more wood or coals, if you need to, so that the fire stays stoked the whole time you are baking. Use our Walden Blow Through Fire Stoker Poker to safely provide oxygen to your fire and coals, so the embers are burning red-hot. When you’ve carefully timed your baked goods, test them for doneness with a long toothpick to make sure it comes out clean. Then remove the items with fire-resistant potholders because the end result will be super hot and cool on a rack before eating. 

The Best Campfire Foods to Bake

You can really bake a variety of baked goods over a campfire. Basically, anything that you can bake in your oven, you can do outside over your fire. That includes cakes, bread, cupcakes, or even more hearty dinner fare, like a quiche or chicken pot pie. You can even make baked pasta dishes or French toast casserole, which is the perfect breakfast to wake up to after camping outside all night by your fire pit. 

A Fun Fall Recipe for Campfire Nights 

What’s better than s’mores over the fire? Nothing, really, but how about some baked s’mores brownies to take the fun up a notch! This is an easy recipe to make that will have your entire gang of friends or family grinning from ear to ear. 

S’mores Brownies


  • 1 Box of Brownie Mix
  • (water, vegetable oil, and one egg needed)
  • 2 Cups Mini Marshmallows
  • 8 Graham Cracker Squares 
  • 2 Bars Milk Chocolate 

Grease the bottom of a cast-iron skillet. Mix up the brownie batter in a large bowl according to the directions on the box and pour into a cast-iron skillet. Set over the fire pit on the grate. Bake for 30-40 minutes until a toothpick comes out clean. Then remove from heat and sprinkle marshmallows, broken-up graham crackers, and chocolate on top. Return to campfire grate for ten more minutes until everything is melted and gooey. Remove from heat again and let cool for 15 minutes. Cut out squares and enjoy! 

Once you know the techniques and timing needed to bake over a campfire, you’ll love how amazing all your creations will taste. With everything Walden has to offer in fire pit lifestyle products, you’ll be on your way to mastering the art of baking over a campfire in no time flat. 

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