Tips on Cleaning your Fire Pit

Cleaning a fire pit grill grate and ember catcher

With the fall weather setting in and cooler nights in abundance, our fire pits are ready to be lit. Now that you have a new pit for the season, here are a few tricks to keeping it clean and rust free throughout the season. 

Ash, Ash, Everywhere!

Fire pits like to accumulate ash, especially after several fires have burned. Walden Backyards has the perfect Ash Scoop to properly scoop the ash from the pit. A natural horse hair brush can also be handy to catch the finer pieces in the ash and dust that accumulates. 

Dreaded Rust

Unless your fire pit is made of copper or  stainless steel, expect it to rust. This is just a fact of nature. However, there is a way to limit the rust and preserve your pit. Once you have cooled your fire pit and you are able to touch it with your hands, you will need an old rag and vegetable oil. Pour the vegetable oil on the rag, and coat your pit. 

Kill Those Weeds!

Anytime you want to enjoy an outdoor activity, it is always essential to maintain and kill with weeds. Especially as the seasons change and the warmer weather approaches, spring and summer weeds love to grow around fire pits. To minimize weeds, have your pavers for your fire pit close together and fill in any cracks with polymeric sand. This minimizes weed growth overall, making maintenance minimal with a long-term solution. For any remaining weeds, utilize your favorite weed killer.

Grilling Out

Some of our customers enjoy a grill grate housed above their fire pit. If you choose to place your grill over the fire pit, make sure that you heat it high to burn off any food hanging out. Once it has cooled, place a coating of vegetable or canola oil to preserve your grill. 

Preserving the Blocks

The blocks around your fire pit can be stained from cooking. To protect them, use a concrete sealant to prevent future stains. If your blocks have already been stained, then remove and flip the blocks before applying the sealant on the other side.  

Fire Grates

Fire pits should be used with a heavy duty fire grate.  They are essential for the safety and security of your fire pit. If yours has thin steel, upgrade it with one of Walden Backyards' heavy duty fire grates

For preservation purposes, repeat these steps each quarter to prolong the life of your fire pit. For quality fire pit accessories, Walden Backyards has everything you need.

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