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Do you Have to Dig a Hole for a Fire Pit?

Do you Have to Dig a Hole for a Fire Pit?

A campfire is a beautiful way to spend time with family and friends in the evenings. It is during these moments when memories are made. But not everyone can take the campsite home with them to relive those moments whenever they want. It is not uncommon for homeowners to have a backyard fire pit installed on the premises. The common question that so many homeowners have about fire pits happens to be whether they are better above ground or below ground? Here are some thoughts about which one is better and if it is a requirement.


Is a Hole Necessary or Required for a Fire Pit?

A fire pit is an amazing addition to any home. But where you set it up and how you set up your fire pit will be affected by your preference as well as any potential local laws.

Deciding On a Place to Put the Fire Pit

The location of the fire pit matters an great deal for many reasons. If you have a small area to work in, you will find that you will be limited as to what size you can install. But those with a large area to work with will find it equally challenging to determine what is best for their environment.

Fire pits placed on the ground will need a large area of space, and nothing will be placed next to the fire pit for safety purposes. You will still put seats around the area, but yard décor should be kept away from the pit area. You will also need to check with local ordinances about fire pit placement, as laws can affect what type of fire pit you can install.

Benefits of Fire Pits Placed in the Ground

A fire pit placed in the ground is an easy and cheap option. All of the work is done by you, and you get to decide how big it can be, in accordance with local laws, of course. All you have to do is dig the hole and design how the logs are placed in the pit. A Wagon Wheel Spoke Style Grate is an awesome addition to a firepit that is dug intp the ground. You will also need to determine what landscaping style and seats to place around the fire pit. In-ground pits will need to be on level ground to provide the safest environment. You will also find the pit will not be a trip hazard to people moving around the area. Be sure to use a fire grate for the best airflow for your in-ground fire pit.

Benefits of the Above Ground Option

An above-ground option allows you the flexibility to place the fire pit on a patio or cement slab. It also allows you to arrange your seating to accommodate various sizes of crowds. You can even have the unit on your front porch to help keep you warm on cooler nights. The Legacy Series by Walden is a great option for the above-ground fire pit. It is clean, easy, and safe.

The placement of the fire pit comes down to preference and local ordinances. But most of the time, it depends on what you are looking for in a fire pit. When considering where to place your pit - in or above ground - you will need to know the measurements you are working with. As always, it is essential to diagram and plan out your idea before making any purchases and digging any holes.

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