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Why Walden's Stoker Poker is the Best

Fire Stoker-Poker next to a fire pit

Have you even been sitting around the fire with friends, and there was that one person who just couldn't leave the fire alone?  They just kept poking and prodding it with a poker or a stick, turning the logs, pushing coals around, breaking down the big pieces and repeating the cycle over and over again.  There's a big chance that person was you, isn't it?  We have to admit – everyone at Walden Backyards is that person too.

That's why we feel that pokers are as much a part of the fire pit experience as the pit or wood itself.  Walden's got you covered when it comes to your poking and fiddling and messing with what the fire needs.  

Fire has needs

There are three important things to give a fire that make the difference between a warm, comforting blaze and a smoking pit that makes everyone shut their eyes and chant "I hate white rabbits!" with tears in their eyes:

  1. Fuel 
  2. Heat
  3. Oxygen

How it all comes together

Having dry, properly dried and cured wood is critical when building the perfect fire.  Beginning with small pieces of tinder and kindling, your fire will quickly be able to burn larger pieces of wood.  Coals provide heat and more complete combustion, especially with larger pieces of fuel, and the hotter the better.  The smoke you experience is due to incomplete combustion. 

As everyone who keeps pestering you to leave the fire alone should know (but obviously don't) is that stoking the fire can break down the fuel from the coals and allow more surface area for better burning.  Exposing un-burned fuel allows the wood and resins to be preheated and inflammable. 

They should be thanking you for not having all that white smoke in their eyes!

The Walden Blow Through Fire Stoker Poker (TM) is not only ideal for moving those bits of wood and coals around, it is also hollow, which allows you to add a key ingredient in proper combustion: Air!  Fire is simply the process of oxidizing wood (or other fuel).  The byproducts of fire are carbon dioxide (which cannot burn) and other waste particles (some of which can burn!).  When you blow air into a fire, your oxidizing process improves and the waste particles and gases burn more completely, thus reducing smoke!  

This is why bellows are used in forges.  Coals burn hotter and more completely when you add more oxygen!

The Blow Through Fire Stoker Poker (TM)

With a 33" poker and 46" poker available, you can tackle a variety of different fire pits.  Depending on the size and heat of your fire, you can sit back in comfort, rather than dangerously huffing and puffing with your face right over the pit.  This will save your knees and back, as well as your eyebrows in case of flare ups.  It also allows you to get to the depths of the fire and eliminates the hazard of blowing sparks from the surface onto your guests.  Keeping the oxygen where it is needed most, in the heart of the fire, will make all the difference! 

The unique air valve makes sure the air travels in only one direction too, so you won't be accidentally inhaling hot sparks (unlike some of our competitors). Ours has a wooden handle and stainless steel hanging loop for easy storage. Our stainless steel mouthpiece which prevents corrosion.  For use indoor and out! Camping or relaxing in front of the fireplace.  You won't get this kind of comfort and safety anywhere else.

Accept no imitation! Choose the length of poker you need for the job and enjoy a smoke-free night around the pit with your friends and family.  Contact us to get started with the best fire pit experience yet!

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