3 Great Uses For Sure-Fire™ Starters

Ignited Sure Fire Starter

Congratulations on your purchase of Walden Sure-Fire™ Starters! We promise, you will not be disappointed. Sure-Fire™ Starters were originally developed for use in outdoor fire pits. However, one of the most fun aspects about our business is hearing from our customers about the various ways in which they use our products, and forwarding that information on to our new customers. Below are 3 great other uses for Sure-Fire™ Starters:

Indoor fire pit with fire starter

Indoor Hearth:

Sure-Fire™ Starters were originally developed with backyard leisure in mind. However, they are also an awesome addition to any indoor hearth setup. Just throw one in under your logs, and watch as your living room gathering area heats up in no time.

Outdoor fire pit


Sure-Fire™ Starters have become a must-have camping accessory for many of our customers. Throw a few in with your camping gear, strike a match, and have your campfire roaring before you can even finish setting up your tent. Because the logs found at a campsite are generally exposed to the elements than the ones you chop and store in your backyard, bringing a few Sure-Fire™ Starters along with you on your next camping trip is a great way to ensure that you are able to get your campfire lit, even in damp or rainy conditions.

Meat cooking over BBQ grill grate


Whether you are cooking over an open flame, or using a charcoal grill, Sure-Fire™ Starters are guaranteed to elevate your BBQ cooking experience, as they will allow you to spend less time building your flame, and more time preparing your food. Unlike other fire starters, Sure-Fire™ Starters are built entirely from non-toxic ingredients, making them an ideal option for grilling your next BBQ feast.

Now get out there and put your new Sure-Fire™ Starters to work!

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