How To Use Your Walden Stoker-Poker™ Blow Poke

Stoker Poker starting a fire

How To Start And Maintain A Fire Using Your New Stoker-Poker:

The best way to ensure that your fire keeps roaring all night long is by building and maintaining a compact, red-hot, base of embers. Fortunately for you, you have just purchased the perfect tool for the job. Follow these easy steps to build a fire worthy of the most advanced Eagle Scout:

  1. Use the poker end of your Stoker-Poker™ to pile up some leftover coals from your last fire underneath where you will be placing your new logs. 
  2. Arrange logs within your fire pit. We like to use the “house” format, as pictured below, because it is more stable as your logs break down than the “teepee” method. Likewise, if you position your base logs perpendicular to the wind direction, they can help to shield your kindling as you get your fire going. 
  3. Add and light kindling. This can be newspaper, and small twigs. However, even easier than these two methods, is to use a Walden Sure-Fire™ Starter, which gives off an 8 inch flame for a period of 10-15 minutes.
  4. Blow through your Stoker-Poker™ to build up an ember base. The key is to get just enough oxygen to your embers to make them glow and ignite, without providing too much of a gust so as to extinguish them.
  5. Periodically re-heat your ember base to keep them red-hot!
  6. As your logs break down, use your Stoker-Poker™’s hook and teeth to add these coals to your red-hot ember base. This will help you to maintain your base over time, and reduce the amount of time that it takes for new logs to ignite. 

That’s it! We hope that you enjoy a fun and relaxing bonfire experience with your new Stoker-Poker™!

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Walden Sure-fire starter next to fire pit

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