The Benefits of an Ember Catcher

The Benefits of an Ember Catcher

“But what is an ember catcher? Why would I want one?” If you found yourself asking this after stumbling upon our Original Fire Pit Grate w/ Ember Catcher, welcome to the club of the most fire-curious people. We’re often asked about the difference between this and the Original Fire Pit Grate. So, what is an ember catcher, and what does it mean for your fireside experience?


What is an Ember Catcher?

We like to keep things simple around here. So, an ember catcher does just what it sounds like: it catches embers and ash on your fire pit grate. Sometimes called an ember retainer, the tight mesh ensures that any small embers that fall from your burning logs don’t make it to the ground below. Keeping ash close to the burning fuel is cleaner, safer, and can make for a bigger and longer-lasting fire.

Close up Ember Catcher

Fireside with a Grate and Ember Catcher

  • Airflow – Elevating the fuel and embers from the ground means more airflow – and more oxygen – to keep your fire burning bigger and brighter.
  • Built-In – While there are detachable ember catchers available, having the ember catcher attached - whether welded or with steel wire - means no hassle and no metal-on-metal while burning your fire.
  • Simple Clean-up – Keeping embers close to the fire ensures more burn, resulting in less ash after your fire is done.
  • Fireside Glow – Embers that are closer to the fire burn brighter, creating that warm and welcoming fireside glow.
  • Lasts Longer – More embers = more fire. For those conversations you want to last forever, the ember catcher will allow you to keep focus on what goes on around the fire pit instead of what’s in it.

Experience the warm glow of a fire on the Original Fire Pit Grate w/ Ember Catcher. Pair the grate with Walden Sure-Fire Starters for an effortless, easy-to-maintain fire. Let this grate do the work for you so you can focus your time on the people gathered around the fire pit...

Except when the spirit moves you to stoke and/or poke the fire, of course. 

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