The Backyarding Bundle


Minimalist design, maximum fireside performance. If you prefer a more simplistic fire pit design that still gets the job done right, then the The Backyarding Bundle is for you. Featuring the sturdy 30" Fire Ring and Snuffer Lid, this sleek pit can be placed within an existing structure or work as a stand alone set. The 29" Spoke Style Fire Grate sits within the ring to keep your logs elevated off of the ground for maximum airflow and burning efficiency. This set is highly customizable to the aesthetic of your outdoor space and includes everything you need for backyarding done right.. Add a 30"BBQ Grate for barbecue excellence and a 36" Legacy Fire Poker for control of your fire. Sure-Fire™ Starters and an Ash Scoop  ensure the easiest start and finish to your fire, and Fireside Chats™ Conversation Deck covers the moments in-between. The Backyarding Bundle ensures you have all the gear needed for an unparalleled start-to-finish fireside experience.


Gathering Bundle Contents:

  • 30" Fire Pit Ring - 1/4’’ thick steel fire ring is 6x thicker than standard fire pit rings. Guaranteed to stand up to the harshest flames and weather conditions. High-heat powder coating prevents rusting and keeps your pit looking sharp.
  • Snuffer Lid -  Snuffs out your safely and effectively, by eliminating oxygen supply to your flame. No more hassling with the hose and harsh billowing smoke. Gives you peace of mind that your fire is truly out, and protects your fire pit from the elements when not in use.
  • 29" Spoke-Style Fire Pit Grate -    Classic style and elevated surface allows for efficient air flow to your flame, providing you with fires that burn hotter, and larger, for longer. 
  • 36" Legacy Poker™ - A Fire Poker guaranteed to last at least two generations. Featuring a built-in bottle opener and extended hook, have control over your fire from the comfort of your seat.
  • 24 Pack of Sure-Fire™ Starters - Gives off an 8-10 inch flame for 10-15 minutes, eliminating the need for kindling, and making fire starting easy, even in wet conditions. All natural ingredients and made in Minnesota.
  • Ash Scoop - Lightweight, ergonomic design makes cleaning your fire pit a breeze once the festivities are over and your embers cool off. 
  • Fireside Chats™ Conversation Starter Cards Spark conversations with these thought-provoking and deep questions. With multiple ways to play, this card deck is great for all ages.

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