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Walden Legacy Series™ 30" Fire Pit Ring & Snuffer Lid

Shop the Heavy Duty Walden Fire Pit Ring with Snuffer Lid and Enjoy Bonfires at Home Without the Hassle.

Build your bonfire in the 30" diameter steel Legacy Series™ Fire Pit Ring from Walden Backyards. Includes a heavy duty fire pit cover. Take back your time and put the fire out fast with Legacy Series™ Snuffer Lid. No water, no waiting.

  • Heavy duty fire pit lid snuffs out the fire fast and safely so there's now waiting and no water required.
  • 1/4’’ thick steel fire ring is guaranteed to hold up against all sorts of weather.
  • High Temperature Powder Coating – High heat powder coating helps prevent rust and protects the steel against extreme temperatures.
  • Large 30’’ Diameter – With a 30’’ diameter and 9’’ height, there is potential to make a HUGE fire.
  • Insert into your own bricks or stones of your choice.

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