Walden Universal Ember Catcher

Sale price$29.99

A cleaner burn on any fire grate. Choose what kind of fire you want with the Universal Ember Catcher, featuring a versatile design whether you want to cook, or create bigger to shorter fires.

Use every last bit of your fire's fuel with the Universal Circular Ember Catcher. This flat, 16" diameter heavy-duty steel can work with any log grate to enhance your fire. Simply place it on your grate prior to setting your campfire, and enjoy the fireside glow.

Universal Ember Catcher BENEFITS: 

  • Airflow – Elevating the fuel and embers from the ground means more airflow – and more oxygen – to keep your fire burning bigger and brighter.
  • Movable – Use it in the center when you want a hotter, cleaner burn. Put it on the side of the grate to create an ember base when cooking. Remove it for a shorter fire. Have more control over the type of fire you want.
  • Simple Clean-up – Keeping embers close to the fire ensures more burn, resulting in less ash after your fire is done.
  • Fireside Glow – Embers that are closer to the fire burn brighter, creating that warm and welcoming fireside glow.
  • Lasts Longer – More embers = more fire. For those conversations you want to last forever, the ember catcher will allow you to keep focus on what goes on around the fire pit instead of what’s in it.


  • 16" Diameter
  • 1/8" Tall
  • 2 lbs