Walden Universal Ember Catcher

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Our Universal Ember Catcher is the best solution to delivering the ultimate control over the heat and height of your fire, this handy addition keeps the embers where you want them - in the heart of the fire for ambiance, or off to the side for the perfect cooking temperature.

Made with high-quality materials and seamless one-piece construction, the Universal Ember Catcher can be placed atop any log grate. Insert your Ember Catcher before starting your fire to enjoy unparalleled flame control and a beautiful fireside glow.

Walden Universal Ember Catcher

Explore the superior materials and unique design of our universal ember retainer.

High-Carbon Steel

For strength and durability

16” Diameter

For universal fit with most fire pit grates and optimal fire size

Optimized Mesh Spacing

For ember retention and airflow

Quality Finish

For high-temp resistance and UV protection

Thick Grilling Mesh

For rigidity and shape maintenance

With our 100% Delight Guarantee, you can make your purchase with complete peace of mind. We are dedicated to delivering excellence, and if we fall short in any way, we will take immediate action to remedy the situation to your complete satisfaction.

How to use

Universal Ember Catcher Placed over Wagon Wheel Fire Pit Grate

Place On Top Of Your Fire Grate

Place your Ember Catcher on top of your favorite Fire Pit Grate (it works perfectly with all Walden fire grates). Universal in size, it fits just about any fire pit grate size or shape you have in mind.

place one sure-fire starter on top of ember catcher to ignite firewood

Ignite Your Fire

Use your Walden Sure-Fire™ Starter or regular kindling to ignite a fire. Be sure to use dry wood to get as close to a smokeless fire experience as possible. Ember Catcher will support your kindling for a quicker ignition.

The Universal Ember Catcher holds smaller pieces of firewood and ash in the heart of the fire for a hotter, cleaner burn

Sit Back and Enjoy Your Fire

Enjoy the cozy roaring fire while your Universal Ember Catcher traps the glowing embers at the base of the flame, providing more heat and less smoke, and enhancing the ambiance of your fire pit surrounding.


Cook & Roast Marshmallows

To make the most out of your glowing embers, bring out your favorite fireside snacks to cook over your fire pit grate. Your Ember Catcher will provide just the heat you need for the perfect fire grate BBQ or s'mores.

Keep embers in the heart of your fire to reduce smoke, intensify heat, and enhance glow.

Stacked firewood burning over the thick gridded steel fire grate with hot ember base.
The Universal Ember Catcher holds smaller pieces of firewood and ash in the heart of the fire for a hotter, cleaner burn

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