The BBQ Bundle


Turn your backyard into the neighborhood barbecue joint. The BBQ Bundle contains everything you need for easy outdoor grilling over an open fire. Made from heavy duty high-carbon steel, this 36" BBQ Grate is a beast designed to last a lifetime. The 30" Legacy Fire Poker can help you move the coals where you need them. The Ash Scoop is perfect for scooping charcoal or clean-up after your embers have cooled. Throw in a Charcoal Fireside Blanket and Conversation Cards to turn any relaxed BBQ into a warm gathering. The BBQ Bundle: Everything you need for epic live-fire grilling.


The BBQ Bundle Contents:

  • 36" BBQ Fire Pit Grilling Grate - The pinnacle of excellence in BBQ, this 36" Grate is our largest size. With two handles and 1" lip, this grate can hold up to 200 lbs - now that's a lot of BBQ!
  • 30" Legacy Poker™ - A Fire Poker guaranteed to last at least two generations. Featuring a built-in bottle opener and extended hook, have control over your fire from the comfort of your seat.
  • Ash Scoop – Lightweight, ergonomic design makes cleaning your fire pit a breeze, and is also perfectly sized to scoop coals out of a bag of charcoal
  • Fireside Wool Blanket in Charcoal - With a classic leather carrying strap and triple-washed wool, this Fireside blanket is sure to keep you warm for a long fireside evening once the weather turns cold.
  • Fireside Chats™ Conversation Starter Cards Spark conversations with these thought-provoking and deep questions. With multiple ways to play, this card deck is great for all ages.

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