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How Do You Bake Over a Campfire?

There’s nothing like delicious homemade baked goods over a campfire. You can probably picture it right now. Imagine sitting outside under the stars, surrounded by your loved ones, and biting into a tasty square piece of baked apple cake fresh out of the fire. Is baking over a campfire something that you’ve tackled before?
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Our Favorite Fireside BOGO Pairings

Tis the season to save and share! We’re celebrating November with deals for you and your favorite fireside friend. While you can select any two items to bundle for 50% off the second item (with code NOVBOGO50), we have a few favorite pairings to recommend.
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Campfire Cooking Done Right: 7 Tips for Delicious Campfire Food

Food tastes different when it's cooked on a campfire. The flavor of the wood and the experience itself make it a unique way to prepare and enjoy food. Campfire cooking may seem daunting, but anyone can make great-tasting campfire food with these tips.  
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25% Off All Wagon Wheel Grates For the Month of October

Thick steel, portability, and an old-school aesthetic make the Walden Wagon Wheel grate an instant classic. Whether you insert it in your fire pit or use it as a stand-alone grate, the increased airflow and high-temperature powder coating will ensure that every fire will burn better and brighter.
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The 4 S's of Managing Firewood

You may have heard of the 4 C's of diamond buying, Walden Backyards has the 4 S's of managing the firewood for fire pits. Those four S's include: splitting, schlepping, stacking and storing. Here are the definitions and tips for each one: 
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The Debate Rages On: Cross Hatch VS. Teepee

Cross hatch or teepee? Don't act like you and your friends haven't sat around for hours on end debating this hot topic. We are here to help so you can put down your pokers and quit stoking the flames of this controversial issue. We have you covered.
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Tips on Cleaning your Fire Pit

With the fall weather setting in and cooler nights in abundance, our fire pits are ready to be lit. Now that you have a new pit for the season, here are a few tricks to keeping it clean and rust free throughout the season. 
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Best Fireside Furnishing for Your Fire Pit

Fire pits and the gatherings hosted around them are undeniably classy, comfortable, and cozy. But, depending on your price range and the types of gatherings you have, one type of seating does not fit all. Try this handy guide to see what might light your fire. 
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