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Tis the season to save and share! We’re celebrating November with deals for you and your favorite fireside friend. While you can select any two items to bundle for 50% off an accessory (with code NOVBOGO50), we have a few favorite pairings to recommend.

Fireside Gifts For the Adventurous Camper

Get the fire going anywhere with this pair. Start your fire right with just one Walden Sure-Fire™ Starter, and keep it going with a Blow Through Stoker Poker™. From start to finish, you'll enjoy an easy fire anywhere with these two tools! The only critique you may get? We make starting the campfire too easy!

Camp Fire Gifts For the BBQ Master

There’s nothing quite like cooking over an open fire. Pick up a pack of non-toxic Walden Sure-Fire™ Starters with your Walden Fire Pit BBQ Grilling Grate to get your fire going every time for the perfect BBQ. Remember to let your fire go down to embers for an even cook.



For the Fireside Backyard Minimalist

For a low-key, no-hassle fire pit with old-school aesthetic, you can’t beat a Walden Legacy Series™ Fire Ring paired with the 29” Spoke-Style Wagon Wheel Grate. Classic, easy, and a clean burn every time.


Camp Fire Gifts for All

Stuck on gift ideas for all your favorite fireside lovers? Our favorite remains the classic Blow Through Stoker Poker™. Get one for yourself and one for your friend. This unique poker is sure to spark the fire and conversation at any fireside gathering, and we'll admit, might make playing with fire (safely) a little too fun. 

Our fireside products are in stock and ship quickly, so don't wait to pick up gifts for any backyard enthusiast early. Not sure what is right for you or your friend? Contact us with a message or a call, and we'd be happy to help you make the right decision!

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