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July 01, 2019

You've just been invited to a backyard party/bonfire—huzzah! You are in for a time of sharing, fun, and the making of many happy memories. But as a good guest, what should you bring?


A party is not a party without food—delicious food, and lots of it! As an invitee, you can help your hosts dramatically in this area by bringing some of your favorite munchies to share. Here are some ideas:

  • S'mores: Who can resist gooey toasted marshmallows sandwiched with a hunk of chocolate between two crispy graham crackers?
  • Orange campfire brownie fixings: One of the most fun and delicious things you can do with a fire near the end of the night is to pour some brownie-batter into a hollowed out orange, wrap in tin foil, and "bake" among the embers until you have citrus-infused brownies for everyone. Try it, it's amazing.
  • Hot dogs: It's not just that hot dogs are tasty, which they are—but toasting them over the fire adds a dimension of fun that will just enhance any backyard bonfire.


After filling your stomach with tasty campfire foods, everyone needs a hearty drink to hydrate.

Who can say no to punch? Bring a variety of sodas (particularly white sodas like Sprite, 7-Up, and ginger ale) and fruit juices (citrus and berry ones are ideal) to mix and match your own punch. Extra points if you have some fresh fruit to slice and throw in the mix.

If your host already has drinks planned, you can offer to bring ice, or little sides to supplement and/or spice up the drinks (fruit, décor, cups, etc)


Instead of sitting in a backyard staring at each other in boredom, why not break out some fun backyard games to break the ice and help everyone relax and enjoy each other's company? Here are some excellent ideas to get you started:

  • Fire Side Chat Conversation Starter Cards: Here at Walden Backyards, we've created dual purpose cards that fit in a standard deck. Each card has an intriguing conversation starter printed on it, and is sure to lead to several great exchanges among guests and friends.
  • Bean bags, balls: What's a backyard party without something to toss around? Set up a target and keep the kids (and the adults) amused with some friendly tossing competition using bean bags or balls.
  • A giant Jenga tower: Everyone can get involved with this game—build or buy a giant Jenga tower with real wood blocks. Maybe even use it in your ball/bean-bag toss game.


It's good manners to bring a gift for the host who was so kind to invite you to their backyard bash. Some practical gifts that will be much appreciated may include:

  • A blanket, that they can use around the fire
  • A bag of Walden Fire Starters: which they can use to create the fire, or save for a future backyard campfire party.
  • Or a Walden Stoker Poker: to help hosts keep their toasty backyard fire going/under control.

The most important tip, of course, is to remember to have fun! Enjoy the hard work of the hosts and be grateful that you can contribute in your own little way. Best of all, you can invite the host in return to your own backyard bash some day. When that time comes, remember Walden Backyards has got your back!

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